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KANGRUI KB801 TK Mouth Guard Single


Weight(kg): about 0.05kg
Material: 100% POE
Diameter: about 45*54*16mm
Color : White
Material : Food grade EVA

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DHS TR312 Badminton Shuttlecock Tube of 12 Speed 76


Material: duck feather, composite soft cork ball head
Quantity: 12pcs/set

Weight: .05kg

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DHS 5200 Badminton Racket Graphite w/ Case


Materials: Aluminum-Graphite
Length: 660+/-2mm
String Tension: 20+/-2lbs

Weight: 90 +/-3g

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J NYLON PLASTIC BD Yellow Shuttlecocks Tube of 6


Made of quality plastic with a long lifetime
Suitable for usual training
Shuttlecocks from quality plastic with increased resistence
Speed:green= slow,blue= medium,red= fast
6 pieces per Tube

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STAR XD320W VB Knee Pad (Pair)


Made of Neoprene, protects knees from bumps and scratches
Designed for safety and comfort
Material: 45% polyester 5% spandex
Sizes: M/L
Color: Black

Weight: .05 kg

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TCS Hoop for Artistic Gymnastics


Have yourself some hoop swinging fun!, This set of durable solid plastic Hula Hoop rings are perfect for group exercises., A fun and low-impact way

Weight: .05 kg

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Metal Speed Rope


Sport Speed Jump Rope Ball Bearing Metal Handle Skipping Stainless Steel Cable Fitness Equipment
100% brand new and high quality

Item Weight: 160g

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Star Basketball Top-10 (Size 5)


Size 5
Top quality composite Rubber
For Indoor/Outdoor Play

Manufactured by Star Sports Korea

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